Season 2,
Episode 11:
Demons Don’t
Buy Kitty Litter


Who is Dr. Melinda Lewis sitting down with today?


Episode 1: The Cult of the Superhero Movie

The increasing popularity and financial ramifications of superheroes and their universes.

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Episode 2: The Gift of Kick-Ass

Debuting in July 1988, the Oscar nominated film, Die Hard challenged preconceptions of the action film genre and what constituted a Christmas film. Going from cult Christmas film to holiday mainstay, Die Hard delivers a powerful (holiday) punch, while also unpacking the institutionalization of the Christmas spirit. Drs. Melinda Lewis and Kevin Egan embark on an analysis of this Christmas class, and even discover a few stocking stuffers in the process. 

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Episode 3: Serendipity in Science

In the 19th Century, the pursuit of truth and holistic understanding of science were hot new trends. Little known Russian scientist Sergei Vinogradskii was one of the hippest cats, with his microbe work paving the way for the emerging fields of microbiology and ecology. Dr. Lloyd Ackert joins Dr. Melinda Lewis to till fertile ground related to the role of serendipity in scientific discovery, theories of mutual aid and Darwinism, and how microbes have impacted life and culture.

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Episode 5: All How You Frame It

For graphic novelist and educator Jamar Nicholas, city life, popular comic strips, and reality TV all inform his creations. 

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Episode 7: Indie, Eclectic, Undefinable

Music industry professor and Jade Tree Records co-founder Darren Walters went from listener to active participant, supporting the work of artists on the ground level for the past three decades.

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Episode 9: Bonus Episode:
Guilty Pleasure Songs

In a special live episode of Pop, the Question, recorded at the Philadelphia Podcast Festival, Dr. Melinda Lewis digs deep in the crates with pop music fans to talk about songs filed under the category of “guilty pleasure,” where earnest tastes somehow prove misaligned with what's considered cool.

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Episode 11:
Demons Don’t Buy Kitty Litter

Horror punk godfather and musician Glenn Danzig birthed the Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig with iconography and inspiration from the likes of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and B-­list horror and sci-­fi flicks from his formative years. Host Dr. Melinda Lewis and veteran Drexel University WKDU DJ Johnpaul Golaski explore Glenn Danzig’s legacy and peculiar rise to fame.

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Episode 4: Celebrity Crushes

A celebrity crush is a rite of passage for people all over the world. The emotions are real, while the relationships typically are not. Host Dr. Melinda Lewis flirts with this cultural phenomenon alongside six guests, revealing myriad ways in which fans crush on those in the spotlight.

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Episode 6: This Thing is Gonna Blow

Host Dr. Melinda Lewis and aspiring volcanologist Nick Barber grapple with what the 1997 volcano extravaganza Dante’s Peak gets right, what it gets wrong, and how popular culture shapes the way audiences interact with their natural environment.

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Episode 8: Sweatpants & Stilettos

Keeping Up With the Kardashians has pivoted reality television and social media to reinvent how audiences gain access to celebrity lives.

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Episode 10: Glitz, Glamour & Shoulder Pads

Working Girl and its protagonist Tess McGill set sail on the Staten Island Ferry for a piece of the capitalist pie, challenging gender and class stereotypes. For three decades now, the 1988 film’s influence has docked in the hearts of moviegoers and feminists alike. Host Dr. Melinda Lewis and Drexel University alumnus Maren Larsen reflect on the greater cultural appeal and impact of Working Girl.

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Dr. Melinda Lewis

Melinda's first babysitter was a VHS tape of bootlegged music videos from MTV. It was no surprise then that from her toddlerdom, she would immerse herself in all things popular culture - reading Premiere on a regular basis at age 12, listening obsessively to REM, and formulating elaborate personal investment in the success of celebrity couples. See how she parlayed her interest into a career. 

 Dr. Melinda Lewis

Dr. Melinda Lewis