Pop, the Question (S3-E19)

“The Power of Computer Science”

Featured Guest Bill Mongan, PhD (Assistant Professor and Associate Department Head of Undergraduate Affairs, Computer Science, College of Computing & Informatics, Drexel University)

Host and Producer Melinda Lewis, PhD (Associate Director, Marketing & Media)

Dean Paula Marantz Cohen, PhD (Dean, Pennoni Honors College)

Executive Producer Erica Levi Zelinger (Director, Marketing & Media)

Producer Brian Kantorek (Assistant Director, Marketing & Media)

Research and Script Melinda Lewis, PhD

Audio Engineering and Editing Brian Kantorek

Original Theme Music Brian Kantorek

Production Assistance Noah Levine

Graphic Design Kathy Chung

Additional Voiceover Malia Lewis

Recorded June 6, 2019 in 3034 MacAlister Hall, Marketing & Media, Pennoni Honors College, Drexel University.

Pop, the Question is a production of Marketing & Media in Pennoni Honors College at Drexel University.

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Episode Summary

The field of computer science was once a playground for aspiring basement developers and classified government initiatives. Now, with the omnipresence of computer technology, video games, and a big push from Hollywood in recent decades, computer science permeates the greater economy, cultural landscape, and mostly everything humans do. Host Dr. Melinda Lewis connects with Dr. Bill Mongan, assistant professor of computer science at Drexel University, to discuss representations of the field in popular media, as well as efforts to make it all more accessible and inclusive.