Pop, the Question (S2-E14)

Season 2 (2018-19)
“No Representation is Bad Representation”

Featured Guest Byshera Williams (Undergraduate, English, College of Arts and Sciences; Honors Program, Pennoni Honors

College, Drexel University)

Host and Producer Melinda Lewis, PhD (Associate Director, Marketing & Media)

Dean Paula Marantz Cohen, PhD (Dean, Pennoni Honors College)

Executive Producer Erica Levi Zelinger (Director, Marketing & Media)

Producer Brian Kantorek (Assistant Director, Marketing & Media)

Research and Script Melinda Lewis, PhD

Audio Engineering and Editing Brian Kantorek

Original Theme Music Brian Kantorek

Graphic Design Emily Anderson and Isabella Akhtarshenas

Additional Vocals Nick Barber and Julia Wisniewski

Recorded August 27, 2018 in 3034 MacAlister Hall, Marketing & Media, Pennoni Honors College, Drexel University.

Pop, the Question is a production of Marketing & Media in Pennoni Honors College at Drexel University.

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Episode Summary

Following growing discussion around identity politics, Hollywood rolled out the red carpet in 2018 for diverse film offerings like Black Panther, Sorry to Bother You, Blindspotting, BlacKkKlansman, Crazy Rich Asians, and Eighth Grade. While the industry hasn’t turned over its equitable leaf quite yet, these titles represent an exciting moment and promise for historically underrepresented filmmakers and and narratives. They present great specificity and character development to reach and resonate with their diverse global audiences. Host Dr. Melinda Lewis shines the spotlight on film and diversity in conversation with cultural critic and Drexel University English undergraduate Byshera Williams.