Pop, the Question (S1-E3)

Season 1 (2017-18)
Episode 3: Serendipity in Science"

Pop, the Question (S1-­E3)
Season 1 (2017-­2018)
Episode 3: “Serendipity in Science”

Featured Guest: Lloyd Ackert, PhD (Teaching Professor of History, Department of History, Drexel University)

Host and Producer: Melinda Lewis, PhD (Associate Director, Marketing & Media) 

Episode Summary:  In the 19th Century, the pursuit of truth and holistic understanding of science were hot new trends. Little known Russian scientist Sergei Vinogradskii was one of the hippest cats, with his microbe work paving the way for the emerging fields of microbiology and ecology. Dr. Lloyd Ackert joins Dr. Melinda Lewis to till fertile ground related to the role of serendipity in scientific discovery, theories of mutual aid and Darwinism, and how microbes have impacted life and culture.