Pop, the Question (S1-E5)

Season 1 (2017-2018)
Episode 5: "All How You Frame It"

Featured Guest: Jamar Nicholas (Adjunct Professor, Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, Drexel University)

Host and Producer: Melinda Lewis, PhD (Associate Director, Marketing & Media) 

Episode Summary
A cartoonist draws inspiration from a spectrum of influences. For graphic novelist and educator Jamar Nicholas, city life, popular comic strips, and reality TV all inform his creations. Host Dr. Melinda Lewis and the artist discuss his graphic novels, social themes at play, and his affinity for The Real Housewives and Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

Dean: Paula Marantz Cohen, PhD (Dean, Pennoni Honors College)

Executive Producer: Erica Levi Zelinger (Director, Marketing & Media)

Producer: Brian Kantorek (Assistant Director, Marketing & Media)

Research and Script  Melinda Lewis, PhD

Audio Engineering:  Brian Kantorek Original Theme

Music:  Brian Kantorek

Graphic Design:  Emily Anderson

Additional Vocals: Dean Paula Marantz Cohen and Julia Wisniewski

Recorded February 20, 2017 in 0054 Crossings, Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, Drexel University.  

Pop, the Question is a production of Marketing & Media in Pennoni Honors College at Drexel University. Copyright © 2018 Drexel University